Viewing currency changes from another country?

If you want to reliably see how certain things look on your website, when viewed from another country, for example, price changes to convert to local currency, how do you do it for free please?

What you need is a VPN or a web proxy. There are some free ones around.

Epic Privacy Browser provides a built-in proxy with access from about 9 locations around the world.

Thanks Gandalf, that’s a start. Am really looking for one that can do it for at least 20 different countries really.

It’s browser extensions and add - ons.

You can also use free proxy(in case if your browser allows to do it). It would help you to see it like the others. Of course, this approach is a bit more complicated, but in several cases it could also be useful.

Thanks for the input, I’ve tried a few browser extensions, tunnelbear, unlimited VPN, Browsec - all completely hopeless. Has anyone found a Chrome extension, that actually works for any country? Free is preferable, but don’t mind paying a small amount every month.

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