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How can we get the profit in site,my opinion is view the pages or the pages link…is the correct?

Your question is very unclear, I’m afraid. Could you give more details?

while we seeing the pages in site,how the owner get profit from this bussiness…

You could try advertising like Adsense. Usually the site oner only gets paid if the link is clicked, but some advertising services may also pay you every time an ad is displayed. You can also offer to charge people to display their ads on your site directly.

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Nice to meet my friend giving me a answer of advertising like Adsense

Be clicking how much view pages will get in profit?

That depends… who is clicking on what?


I agree with Ted, you need to be a bit more clear.
If what you’re looking for is to profit from the site then you need to research ad platforms and decide what payment model works best for you (CPC,CPA,CPM,etc.)
Deciding on one of these will help you know how much profits you will get every time some clicks on the ads, views the pages, etc. (depending on the model)
As an ad platform owner, I can tell you that this is a great way to earn if you already have solid traffic.

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Good luck!

It will also depend on what your site is about. Obviously you can get income from adsense but to do this you will rankings and then in turn traffic. People will only click on your ads if they are answering a question that they are looking for an answer too.
There are a lot of ways to monetize your site whether it be adsense, CPA, Affiliate Sales etc. BUT to get the rankings and the traffic you will need quality content and please do not take this the wrong way but if the site is to be made in English then your grammar will need to be much better than it is in this forum. If it is in your native language then just make sure the content is highly relevant to your target market.