View localhost page with iPhone

Hi, I managed to view a Wordpress Page run with MAMP as localhost on my iPhone.
Problem is: When trying to repeat this with another page it did not work.

Start MAMP.


  1. Find out IP adress of WLAN.
  2. Type IP adress into iPhone Browser using same WLAN as desktop (localhost)
  3. Adding colon and port to ip-adress
  4. Adding file name


Page is visible on iPhone

But only HTML

I need to replace “localhost” in WP-Settings for website- and wordpress adress.

Page displays perfectly.

When trying this with another page I host locally, repeating the same steps. It did not work.

I tried:

  • Deleting browser in iPhone
  • restarting mamp

Without problems I can run the first page I tried this. But with all other pages Safari say: Can’t connect with Server. It works with

displaying all links of my pages contained in htdocs.

but as soon a I enter

It does not work.

Does anyone have an idea why?

Best and thank you.

Have you tried inserting http:// at the beginning?

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