Videosongs need help

Hi, can i ask some help with you?,I want to make a video that has as audio and lyrics or what we called the videoke…Is it okay to make my own videoke file extension ?.sample Good-Enough by this possible?

Also how can i attached the lyrics on the video and also the audio.

Thank you in advance.

You can use Windows Movie Maker to do that; assuming you’re a Windows person… Not sure what you mean by using your own file extension?

Hi,thank you for the reply,can i ask something about this link the video that has a lyrics,are that video compiled invidually assuming that they use windows movie maker?

Thank you in advance

Hey jemz, as far as I can see it’s a service they offer you (using their own software) and you gotta pay a membership in order to avail of that utility. If you’re looking to just make your own videos and wanting to just add on some lyrics I would use the Movie Maker, just seems quiet easy and straightforward rather than signing up to something?

Hi,thank you for the advice and helping me.

I think You can use “Pro Show Gold” to do that