Video Upload whats a reasonable file size?

Hi guys,

I’m building an app where a user can upload videos and I was wondering, what’s a reasonable file size to allow the user to upload?


Videos can get quite large very easily. I’m pretty sure that YouTube is still 100 MB. Uploading and processing video can take significant resources. I wonder if it might be easier to hook into YouTube and let them handle the upload, processing and streaming for you.

What’s the average length of the videos? If they’re 30 second clips then you probably won’t need anything longer than 5 MB at the very most. If they’re 30 minute training videos then you’re going to want to increase your limit significantly.

HI Jeff,

Thanks for the reply, yes I am already interfacing with the YouTube API just as you suggested but the site I am designing allows users a choice of whether to allow users to host on YouTube or on our servers.

So thanks for the rough file-size guide as I was unsure of exactly what to allow. Haven’t really explored all of the different video formats yet either, am using flow-player (if users choose not to use YouTube) which allows all sorts of formats.

Could you tell me which ones are still in use on the web and by that I mean, which ones can be compressed enough to run effectively on typical modern bandwidths? I know .flv is industry standard but what about .mp4, .mov, .mpeg and any others I didn’t mention?

Also I am considering allowing my users to choose a third option of a HTML 5/Jquery based player. Designing it is well within my skill-set but again I don’t have the knowledge video formats HTML 5 can play?

Any help would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

I think the decision largely depends on
how much web space do you have
kind of type of video …if it is movie or program or so on …100mb wont attract any users
average upload speed of potential user…(you should not try to make film hall if all users are blind…)
and the growth

with super compress algorithms being developed,now a days most sites put restriction on length and bitrate,which i think is wise way to go…


Hi thanks for your input Frank. I will bear that in mind :wink:

i prefer 240p… its quite fast for common user