Video Script Similar to Mediacore


i am setting up a website which will enable a bunch of about 20 people to view videos in a similar manner to youtube,

I have found mediacore and it is almost perfect for the job apart form one factor, it is written in ppython, i have never worked with python so im going to have to skip that script :frowning:

i was wondering if you new of any scripts similar to mediacore and not a bloated as youtube clones.

I guess I’m a little confused… Seems like you only need a login based system that allows members to view videos (maybe based on permissions?).

Are the videos already on YouTube? Are they encoded?


the system doesnt need a member system, all videos will be added by the admin, i would like tags, catergories, and maybe even a comment and rating system, and a good search feature but that is pretty much it,

the videos would preferably be encoded to fla when uploading like youtube, using something like ffmpeg

Why not just upload them directly to youtube? Then you can just add the youtube code to your website. Leave the video processing, serving…etc to YouTube.