Video Pop Out

Going to the following page, there is an arrow for a video link on the Sytling Forms with CSS graphic. The video pops out and the rest of the page darkens. How is this done? Is it some sort of script I can get somewhere?



That particular page uses facebox, but there as a whole range of different script that do more or less the same. Take a look at [URL=“”]the lightbox clones matrix.

They are using a free jQuery plugin called Facebox. There are lots of such plugins. My favorite is Slimbox2, but I admit I hadn’t seen Facebox before now.

Do you know how jQuery works?

EDIT: beaten to it. :slight_smile:

Thanks Ralph and Scallio!!!

Thanks! That is so cool and flexible for all kind of stuff.

I don’t know anything about jQuery. But, I am not bad and figuring stuff out. Is there any thing I should be careful of or know that wouldn’t be supplied in general directions how to use this stuff?

Thanks again.