Video not playing on iPhone and certain browsers

Hello: This site has been up for a while, and the video on the home screen works on most browsers, but someone just contacted me that it won’t work on their iPhone… is there a plug in needed or different coding to help it be more universal?

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To reliably play video on all browsers, you need to serve up different versions of the video. A Flash version will work in most browsers, but not on the iPhone. At the moment you have a .wmv file, which doesn’t run on a lot of browsers. You could either use a standard Flash setup with fallbacks for iPhone, or perhaps go the HTML5 <video> route, as described here:

Or, if that’s all too overwhelming, I’d recommend you upload the video to YouTube and than embed the video on your page. YouTube automatically presents the video in a range of formats that make it viewable on all devices. A lot simpler. :slight_smile:

Another option would be is to select a video sharing platform that encodes the video content to play in all formats (high quality) after you upload it and then easily allows for sharing.