Video making, click throughs, suitability

Any rough numbers on expected click through rates to sites for videos?
Thinking of YouTube. What about links embedded in the video itself rather than down below it?

Also, are there yet any published search terms to be found anywhere?

These would be for two main topics: doing projects around the home, and, for another site about consumer information (spending tips, etc).

Though I’ve still not dove into the Facebook/Twitter waters, since efforts dedicated for increasing traffic are limited in terms of time being spent, I’m guessing vids are the way to go.

Content is planned to be textual and audio only, no live movies. Possibly with narrators voice run through a synthesizer (who wants to recognize the same characters voices on multiple types of videos -what type of brand identify is that?)

Also, is it okay to have several or even many videos containing links the same site secondary page?
And does this mean that the published by name should be dissociated from the domain name itself?

I’m thinking about starting a new video site myself and wondering if it’sreally worth it. I imagine I would be paying alot of monet for bandwidth. are there any video adnetworks that pays well? how to embed google ads with a video? can adsense ads cover my costs?
I imagine click thru would be low since most people would pay attention to the video not to the ads

Its quite ok to have several videos containing same site’s secondary page, but then that linking should be meaningful. And the click through rates depend on the traffic your site/viewers of videos you get. Try improving on that, the number of clicks must go up, because there is nothing much you could do about the link placement. I would rather suggest you place the link below rather than inside the video.