Video issue in IE8

We are using FlowPlayer to display a video on our website page [URL=“”]here. However the video appears very small in IE8 (like a thumbnail) and I cannot seem to work it out!

Any help would be much appreciated. I’ve tried using the FlowPlayer forums but no one has helped.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Perhaps it’s because IE8 doesn’t know what to do with the <video> element. Try specifying dimensions for that in CSS (or via the style interface via JS). You might need to do document.createElement(‘video’) first for it to work.

By the way, you have an obscene quantity of javascript on that page, which is not exactly a complex web application. Is it really all necessary? Can’t you get rid of prototype and use jquery only (or vice versa)? At least blend all the different .js scripts into fewer files, as all those http requests really slow things down. Also consider using the google-hosted version of jQuery.

It turns out it was a class being called that actually did not exist, by removing the call it fixed the issue. I realise the page is full of .js requests, however merging the files causes too many problems.