Video Editing?

I use Windows Movie Maker and I just want to be able to trim the video without trimming the audio so I can plug in an another image while the audio continues uninterrupted. Do any of you know how to do this with WMM or know of another free vid editing software that works on a PC that you would recommend that would allow me to do this? Its pretty normal fare for video editing.:rolleyes: Thanks in advance.

Sorry - I don’t have WMM installed to check for you. Most video editors give you some way to unlink the audio from the video so you can do what you described, but I just did a quick google search and it doesn’t look like WMM lets you do this.

I use Sony Vegas Movie Studio 9 and love it - while it’s not free, it is under $100 most places and you can download a 30 day trial - although it may be overkill if you’re just doing the simple occasional video.


If you add the video to the timeline and right click on it, what options do you have?

If there isn’t a native option, you could probably go about it in a roundabout way: create a new project, and the video in question to the timeline, and export ONLY the video. MPEG-1 would probably be best. Then, if you need the audio, export ONLY the audio.

I used to use WMM (it came pre-installed with Windows Vista Home Premium) but found it to be fairly basic in features and from memory it can’t do what you want.

I have since bought the bundled Adobe Photoshop Elements (image editing) and Adobe Premiere Elements (video editing) and they have all the bells and whistles I will ever need. They are not free, but you can purchase them separately (but they’re cheaper if bundled) and they are much cheaper than their fully featured versions.

Premiere Elements will do what you want plus a lot more.