Vey unhappy with the choice of ads


I am not into blogging for the money, but since I have embarked upon this, then I would like to see at least some profit from it.

My blogs - and it’s on purpose that I am not posting any links here - have optimal content (in terms of writing quality), broaching a topic that is generally considered very attractive (and no, it’s not porn :)). They have nothing whatsoever to do with blogging, laptops, or anything like that.I also choose my tags with considerable care.

Why is it, then, that 80% (or more) of the relatively many ads placed on my blogs contain link to products that are of no interest WHATSOEVER to my readers? (Or to me, for that matter.) They have nothing to do with the contents of my posts!

And that’s only one of my grievances.
The other one is that in one of my blogs (all are on Blogger) the ads are NOT displayed in the format I chose - again, and again, and again (yet on another blog of mine - using exactly the same template - that format is perfectly functional!).

AdSense “help” is pretty unhelpful, a least in my experience.
Which is why I am posting this here.[/B]

Well, maybe that’s because your topics have no advertizers in adsense, or not enough. Or that the topic can be interpreted differently, with two or several meanings.
If you could give an indication or the url of your blogs, we might assist you better by going there and seeing for ourselves.
As for your second question, once again it’d be easier to help you by seeing it for ourselves (including source code) because as you can imagine, whenever I choose a size for my adsense ads, they display with the correct size.

If all the ads have nothing to do with your post then it could be that Google is totally misinterpreting what the page is about. The ads that are displayed will be relevant to what Google thinks the page is about.

You may want to look at trying to write your content to make it clearer what the page is talking about so that Google doesn’t get confused (which reminds me that I really ought to revisit my page about web rings and rewrite it so Google doesn’t fill it with ads about wedding rings).

If you really want to make big money thru Adsense, you should study what are the high paying keywords that related to your theme or topic. Then write more content about those topic. This definitely will help increase your Adsense income.

Thank you very much, I really appreciate your input.

Yes, I can see that a keyword could be (mis)interpreted in various senses. What I don’t understand is how do adverts for:

  • PIZZA,
  • blog templates,
  • heart problems (and I mean physical problems)
  • English courses on Malta
  • “How high is your IQ?”
  • and OIL prognosis (!)

relate to the following keywords (just an example): Erwin Schrödinger, how consciousness commands matter, Larry Farwell, quantum mechanics, the Maharishi Effect, TM, transcendental meditation… :rolleyes:

Mind you: I have also inserted meta tags in the blog’s template HTML. (These are some of the tags: time slips, time travel, dimensional anomalies.) And it must have worked because I immediately saw an increase in traffic. But it had no effect whatsoever on the ad choice.

I find it… well, unseemly to point people to my blog(s) - I mean, on help forums and such, not otherwise :slight_smile: - and also, I am not the ONLY editor of said blogs. But here goes the URL for one of them:

(EDIT: It seems I cannot post a URL, I have not enough posts under my belt…)

Again, I really appreciate your help! :slight_smile:

Thank you, Willie.

I am not really after “BIG money” - and I (along with my blog mates) only blog about things that matter to us.

It just seems ridiculous to see ads offering language courses in Malta, oil market prognosis, blog templates, and and pizza (?!) on a blog where the keywords and tags (BTW, I even included relevant meta tags in the blog template HTML!) are of the following type: consciousness, dimensional anomalies, how consciousness interacts with matter quantum physics, and such… :rolleyes:

It certainly seems so.
But I don’t see why. I mean, I have even included relevant meta tags in the blog template HTML (I say “even” because in my experience few bloggers seem to do that). It did increase the traffic, almost immediately, but had no bearing on the choice of ads.

(BTW, I have described the tags and some of the keywords in my first reply today.)

How can Google “think” my blog is about pizza (?!), blog templates and web hosting (many different offers!), cardiac problems, or oil market prognosis ( :eek: ), when the tags of the relevant entry are as follows: dimensional anomaly, Ernest Schrodinger, quantum physics, how matter interacts with consciousness - etc.?

I don’t what else to do - short of filling the posts with silly “pointers” that would repel my regular readers (not to mention myself). After all, I am not trying to make a fortune on AdSense - it’s just a matter of principle. (I am sure you understand. :-))

And THANK YOU for your input.
I really do appreciate it! :slight_smile:

P.S. But I WILL be rethinking the tags again - so thank you all very much!

I guess James hit the nail on the head. I’m just guessing, but somehow I think there won’t be many ads about “consciousness, dimensional anomalies, how consciousness interacts with matter quantum physics, and such…”

Oh, I don’t know about that… The topics we cover ARE known to be very popular (but that’s not why we write about them), and there apparently are many people who like to read about them.
(Heck, we even included the meta tag “paranormal” in the template HTML - which might have made traffic jump another notch - but that’s about as low as I am prepared to go… :lol: )

And there ARE, after all, some ads that are relevant (if only tangentially) to the topics we cover.
What I don’t get is, how pizza comes into the equation…
Or “single Indian girls”, for that matter (seeing that: a) India or anything India-related is not mentioned anywhere; and b) l don’t live anywhere near India).

I mean, if Google cannot harness the interest in such topics that is undoubtedly very much alive… then I don’t see how anyone else could. :rolleyes:

Anyway, thanks for replying!

Perhaps those ads have been set up to target the same keywords as you are using in your page because that is the audience that the ad owner is trying to target.

You can always tell Google to specifically not show particular ads that you feel are completely wrong for your page.

How popular a term is really isn’t relevant in terms of advertisers.

People place ads to make money, and I’m guessing there isn’t a lot of money being spent on time slips, time travel equipment and the such.

Hence the off-topic ads.

I really can not comprehend how Google display adsense, someday I make good money, some day not so much. Even though they are aimed to display ads relevant to your content, sometimes they just don’t.

No, no. :slight_smile:
I do understand where you’re coming from, but “time travel” (a term I personally HATE, but had to include it because many of the many fans of such topics use it) is a very broad topic, with hundreds of thousands of fans who also like topics usually classified as “paranormal” (a term also disliked by yours truly, BTW, but that’s beside the point).

And if Google doesn’t know just how popular such topics are - and what kind of search words people use to find them - then I don’t know who does…

There are many services and products that could be associated with the topics I have listed in the meta-tags and in each of the posts. A type of service/product that I am getting is mind/brain “synchronization” or machinery, meditation aids and such. Travel (not through time, just travel) would also be relevant - and not just because of the meta-tags, but because there are many different places covered.
But even Tarot or astrology readings (not something that I am crazy about) would be much better, consider the readership, than consistently offering - pizza (?! - why not haute cuisine, or hamburgers, or eggplants?), solutions for cardiac problems and such.

Besides, that is just one of the blogs I was referring to. Others have very little to do with the topic of “time travel”, but include tags and search expressions relevant to each of the posts.

Same thing.
Sometimes I get two or three - if I am lucky, even four - relatively relevant ads on the page, other times it’s just boring ads about website hosting and blogs…

I know. :slight_smile:

The (sometimes wildly) fluctuating earnings have to do with the rationale behind Google’s counting of the clicks, which is notoriously non-transparent - quite obscure, in fact.

Posting this simply to vent - because talking to AdSense is useless - so just ignore it… :slight_smile:
(Unless you’re interested in Google’s mindless - or at least impenetrable - policies of placing ads, that is.)

Picture a blog entry where the word “garden” (and other words associated with gardens) appears like 50 times… and then try to find a logical or at least marketing connection to the following ads appearing on said page:

* Obama and Bernanke's War (??!)

   Hilton Heald Hotel
  Spacious 1-2 BR Suites w/ Kitchen. Book Lower Rates for Longer Stays.
  Buy Square Column Wraps 
  Easy to install Square Column Wraps Wrap ugly posts with Square Columns
  Online Masters Accounting
  Earn your Online Masters Degree in Accounting at New England College.
  1 Tip of a tiny belly :
  Cut down a bit of your belly every day by using this 1 weird old tip.

(And BTW, the above has been copied & pasted, so the grammatical and/or other errors are theirs.)

Your post was of interest because I am in the very slow process trying to increase my SEO Brownie Points.

I checked both links you supplied and noticed that in both, your META description is “THE BEST BLOG ABOUT DIMENSIONAL ANOMALIES AND TIME TRAVEL”.

I was mildly surprised for an author to be so brief. I am under the impression that the description can be between 200 and 400 words. I should imagine that Google ignores four of your supplied words which only leaves “blog dimensional time travel”. Maybe try increasing the words in your description and see if it makes a difference.

I have read numerous claims that title, keywords and descriptions are “old hat” but I firmly believe that they are relevant since from my experience they are what is displayed in the browser search results.

Take a look here to see the search results for:



Thank you very much. :slight_smile:

For what it’s worth, I did not actually write those tags - I merely suggested the idea they should be included and provided a few “sample” tags.
(We are a small group, with that particular blog being only one of them.)

I am very grateful for the suggestion there should be more tags included.
(I had been advised - by a supposed “expert” - that there shouldn’t be more than a few tags in order for the thing to be effective. Go figure.)

Anyway, what baffles me is the kind of content that gets associated with it. Honestly, sometimes I laugh my head off when I see the kind of ads that the pages get! :slight_smile:

Again, I am very grateful for the time and thought you have invested in it, and will definitely forward your suggestions to my mates.

If nothing else, it was worth coming here to meet nice and intelligent people, for a change. :- )

Have you tried surrounding your relevant text with these tags?

<!-- google_ad_section_start -->

  Your article goes here
  and here 
  and here

<!-- google_ad_section_end -->