Very very easy website design

Ok, so this is kind of embarrassing. I’m pretty good at modifying wordpress to function however I want, but I’ve never actually created a basic website from scratch.

All that I want to do is create a white page with a big centered headline and two image links under it (green pill, pink pill).
That’s it. When a user clicks on one of the links, it takes them to another page with a video dead center. Site is 3 pages total.

Can someone help a noob out? Here’s a png of what I want:


Or any other suggestions to make it as simple and sleek as possible (e.g. click on the green pill and a youtube video overlay shows up).

The only purpose of the entire site is to let my friends click on two video links, and then have the videos play.

I threw together a fiddle for you (in the last two minutes):

It’s a bit rough but should give you get you started in the right direction.

awesome, thanks

That’s asking me for a username and password … are you sure that’s right?

^^ yeah thanks. I got the design I needed but had to pw protect the site.