Very serious problem

Welcome …
You know what the problem is serious ?? I will tell you
There was a photo of my site appears first in the google search pictures .
Just today, I found that the image is still there, but the address of the image to another site.
Proof that the picture has not changed is the name of the image -

the true source of my website <snip/>

Not to deny that the picture gives me a lot of visitors every day, But the thing that puzzles me how another site to take a picture of your site by Google in one day and stay in one place and just change the address of pictures

Is it a hacker or pirate ,??? i don’t know

Do you think that it’s normal and not worthy of discussion ??

I would guess the other website has just downloaded the picture from your website and uploaded it to theirs. No hacking involved; some people are to lazy to do that and just link to the image on your site!

I do not see how it can generate lots of visitors to your site as it is not linked to it and I would not have thought that “Thief Customization options in the game-N2G” was in anyway linked to your website.

I presume that it displays before the image from your website as they have a better internet presence.

I can not belive it takes 4000 lines of code to produce your page![/ot]

Thanks for the reply, but if the image was loaded again does not a upper ranks. Google can not just change the Source of the image.
This site ranks one million 200 my site in 550.000

Even I am surprised

Google can not just change the Source of the image

Google has not changed anything; the image is here:

You could try and get the other website to remove the image but I would think that would be hard work or you could ask them to give you credit. But again this could mean getting lawyers involved and by the time its sorted out this game/image or whatever may no longer be of interest to anyone.

I think you should issue a “take down”.

That is, send a notice to the other site that the image is yours and that it’s use by others violates your copyright / legal rights to its use.

Thank i sent a letter to Google …
this photo and the name of the mine n2g pictures. all my photos to a sign n2g
I’m not concerned about the image. But how can take pictures that yesterday was driving to my site .
hacker …

I do not know if Google will be interested, you need to contact the other site owner and possibly their web hosts.

This has got nothing to do with Google. From what you’ve told us, it’s a simple case of some site operator stealing your photo and using it on their site. Unfortunately, it happens many times every day.

If you want to do something about it, there is a well-established set of steps you can follow. See for example, this article (and, no, you don’t need to hire an attorney). But you’ve got to decide for yourself whether it’s worth the effort.


I also have problems like you that do not know how to handle experts waiting to answer fears

What do you mean by “experts waiting to answer fears”? I’m afraid it doesn’t make sense to me.

If your question is related to the original problem, perhaps you could clarify what you are asking. If it is not related, you should start a new thread with an appropriate title.