Very Novice Question AS2

Hello all my genius friends,

I am very sorry to ask this noob question. But I google it for an hour before posting here.

It is that my projector exe is starting in fullscreen mode and I want to disable escape key(which exits the fullscreen mode). I dont want to use any third party SWFtoEXE creator like MDM Zinc, SWF Studio, etc.

I already tried this:

(1) fscommand(“trapallkeys”, “true”);

(2) keyPress “(Key.ESCAPE)”

fscommand(“fullscreen”, true) did not work when I use fscommand(“trapallkeys”,“true”)

And keyPress"(key.ESCAPE)" normals the window before putting back in fullscreen mode, so it also failed. sorry for my bad english guys.

I don’t think the trapallkeys fscommand works any more.

fscommand(“fullscreen”, true);
should be
fscommand(“fullscreen”, “true”);