Very good position on Google, bad in Bing


My blog, <snip/>, on a specific niche (‘’inspection maison’’ keyword), has a very poor rank in Bing but it’s doing very well in Google. Help me understand why 2-3 months ago everything was fine (first page in Bing) and now, all of a sudden, it is somewhere on the 20-th page? Are there some SEO tricks that I missed? Note: my blog has 11 months old –if that’s important.

Thank you.

The only thing I can say is that possibly it’s due to search engine algorithm changes, and possibly not keeping your content fresh and up to date? In terms of SEO and tricks…you can’t pull no tricks when it comes to SEO. Only employ ‘white hat SEO’ strategies, by signing up for [do follow forums], include forum signatures in all forums you join, and post quality and relevant content, pertaining to the topic or category displayed, Also, YaHoO! Answers is a pretty good place to boost SEO, and Do you have a business profile on blog carnival sites, and on ?