Vertical strange scroll


On my website at when clicking on a link to go to a page, like for example this one although it is the case for any page, the scroll goes down big time.

Any clue ?


It’s not really clear what you are asking here. You have a very long sidebar, so the page will be at least as tall as that. So if the sidebar is a lot taller than the content, there will be a lot of white space under the content. Is that what you mean?


Sorry for the lack of clearness then. I understand that the page is long. But why does the browser have to scroll down by itself on page load ? It happens if you go to a page after landing at the website. Like the one page link I gave for example. I would like the browser to display the page but not do any scroll down by itself right after the page has load.



O, sorry, I see what you mean. Yes, it is definitely JavaScript doing that (as it doesn’t happen with JS turned off). I’m afraid I can’t see what’s causing it, but hopefully someone else can.

It seems to be this line that’s causing the trouble.


Spot on Paul ! Yes indeed, there is a focus here… I shall turn it off then.
Thanks !