Vertical navigation


I’m looking for a way to ‘jump’ on my site vertically. What I mean is that the user will see the homepage, but can scroll to the right to see the rest. Now with a menu and other links I want to page to reload but aligned at the right side to show the content.

Example here:

I’d like to use HTML and CSS for this without too many scripts, but I understand that some scripts might be needed. Can anyone help me further along with this, or is it impossible to do?

I made a typo and cannot edit my post (don’t see it). I mean I want to jump horizontally.

I don’t fully follow what you are wanting but if it was just a case of clicking an item on the left-hand side and being taken to the right-hand side you could just use a standard fragment identifier.

Loosely: <a href=“somefile.htm#xyz”>Start text</a><a id=“xyz”>End text</a>

Or do you mean you want the IFRAME itself targeting?


Thanks for your suggestion, I will try that!

The marker (your ‘id’) should be outside of the iframe, in the main HTML. Your suggestion should work, but I will get back to you about that.