Vertical Movement of Text When Narrowing Browser


Is there a way to stop text from moving down when narrowing a browser? A quick search for a Google article, found , and even Google hasn’t fixed this. If you want the reader to read including when the reader wants to monitor another browsers on the same monitor, text staying put when the reader narrows his/her browser would be useful.




Even when that causes an unfriendly horizontal scrollbar?


So you want the text to get smaller and smaller and still take up the same line length?

This can be done with vw units instead of pixels but would need to be done carefully otherwise the text would be too small (or too big) to read unless you put in some min and max constraints.

Have a look here for more info.

Generally controlling things tightly is something authors want more than users. In the end a user can decide for themselves what size font they want by adjusting their browsers settings and over-riding any authored CSS.


The reader will have to scroll the page so the text he wants to stay there will remain at top as the browser is resized. This isn’t a bug; it’s a feature of responsive design.

One terrible way to keep the text exactly where it is is to make the pages a PDF. It will shrink and enlarge the page to keep it in view. This behavior is terrible for several reasons, including poor use on mobile.


I guess I should say for text left and right justified. If the height of the browser stays the same when the browser is narrowed then right side text would simply drop down to the next line. Sothe first word at the top of the browser should never move (up or down) no matter how narrow the browser is made. So if you needed to narrow your browser and want to keep the text you’re reading put, you’d move the text where you’re at to the top of the browser.