Vertical applications for iphone development

making vertical applications (from wikipedia: “A vertical application or vertical market application, is software defined by requirements for a single, or narrowly defined, market.”) to run on iphones seems a likely thing to want to do for some people, but how would that work in conjunction with apple’s fairly regimic control of apps for the iphone? there’s a number of issues:

  • app may not get approved
  • app only intended for and/or applicable to a small number of users; less incentive for apple to approve it
  • app would have to be made public to everyone

i suppose “jail breaking” the iphone would be a way round but that renders the iphone not able to work with apple’s store so the iphone owner would have to choose between one or the other which isn’t so good.

just wondering how (if) doing iphone vertical applications works out? if anyone knows of anything related to that?