Vertical alignment problem in IE


The following page contains a language selection combo box:

1- The combo is being shown almost correctly in Firefox and IE8.

However in IE8 compatibility mode (i.e. IE7 etc), the combo box is not placed correctly (vertically).

What error in my CSS could cause that?

2- How can I vertically align those flags with the text? I tried span for the flags with a vertical-align style but it does not wok.

I am still in learning phase and I still have strange problems :slight_smile:

Regards, Mac

I solved problem #2 myself.

However when now after a small change the menu is being shown on IE compatibility mode correctly but in Firefox and IE8 it falls down (almost 6 pixel I think).

May someone please tell me the reason? Top property of the menu is set to 2px.

.langmenu {
    position : absolute;
    top : 2px;
    left : 65px;
    height : 15px;
    background : #fff;
    font-family : arial, verdana, sans-serif;