Versioning System

Hello Everyone!

I wish to know how do you guys maintain the versions of the applications / software that you develop. I mean, how do you decide if the next release will be version no 1.2.5 or 1.3 ?

Thanks in advance for sharing your ideas

If there is some compelling reason – such as a packaging system – we’ll use whatever it wants.

If I’ve got no compelling thing, we just use ordinal build numbers from the build server.

Or could also use dates, like 2011.12 if you were to release it at that year and month.
Could also use days for minor revisions :stuck_out_tongue:

Version 1 should be the first version that “actually works”, and revisions between versions to show changelogs etc between majors. Then move onto version 2, 3 etc as the software is changed and “re-released” with new features. …IMO

I generally update by a full version number when the new code is incompatile with the old data and a conversion of the data is required. I use a point number when there is a change that doesn’t affect the data. I haven’t found a need for using a third level of numbering (on the small projects I currently work on).