Version Control.. Why is this so hard for me?

I have never used any form of version control. The reason is because I just can’t figure out how to use one. Many times I have said to myself I need to be using some kind of version control, I try to set it up, fail, then continue to not use one. Last time I spent about an entire week researching SVN before I finally gave up. Now that voice in the back of my head is once again telling me I need to setup some kind of version control.

So first of all… which is the easiest to set up?

Is there a book/article/tutorial that takes you from having no knowledge at all to quickly being able to have one up and running on your website?

I would really like to be using one.


Hi, I can’t say about other version control systems, but Subversion isn’t that difficult, once you start using it. There is a great free book available at:

My suggestion is: don’t use GUI client (eg. Tortoise), start with a command line SVN client instead, as this will help you understand what is going on “under the hood”