Verify if CD in CDROM and play projector otherwise not

Hello all,

This is my very first post on this website.

I am working on a CD project in flash. I have a main Projector(.exe) file which call other swf files. I compile all these files(.exe and swf) to installable CD which copy all the files on the local hard disk and make a shortcut on the desktop.

Now the problem is that I want to run my .exe file only if CD is in CDROM otherwise it loads another swf(from the local hard disk) which shows the message “please insert the CD and restart the application”. Any help will be very helpful to me.

Thanks in advance.
Harry Kooner.

Hello chris, very very thanks for your help. Its really a good idea to record a CDrom path during installation, but is it possible within flash actionscript 2.0… I tried it with batch file. But flash didn’t run batch file with actionscript. Any other Idea ???

Thanks for your reply. I had already tried the trial version of ZINC 3.0, but some buttons are not working when it compiled through zinc. I had also tried SWF studio, it provides much wider options then zinc but it couldn’t solve my issue. Sorry for my english. Thanks again.

I don’t think this would be possible without using an additional flash exe wrapper (e.g zinc) that has an api that provides access to the system environment - otherwise you can’t be certain of the path to the cd-rom drive.

You could record the CDROM path when you install the files, so you’ll know that bit.

But I imagine getting Flash to access the CDROM will be more of an issue.