Vector objects - Saving as PNGs in PS

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I have a background image that is transparent.
When I add it as background through CSS it becomes a different color (Multiply color mode in PS).

The image on the left is color I’m getting. The image on the right is what I want it to be (darker gray).

Is there a trick to saving transparent vectors in PSD?
Avocode does this in CSS by changing opacity of the blue bg and the transparent png background.

It’s not entirely clear what your image set up is. But does the image used in the web page need to be transparent? The simplest way would be to save a opaque, flattened version of the image as you want it. The layer blending modes you use in PS will not be applied to transparent parts of the image outside of PS in a png, though css3 can do blend modes now.

Also, if these are originally vector graphics, would SVG be a better format to use?

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Are you saving it in RGB mode or CMYK?

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I don’t think PNG supports CMYK.

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I will try svg. It is a vector object.
Thank you very much for the tips.
I will try flattening my image as well.

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