VBulletin vs. Phppb vs. Spam

Not sure if this is the best place to post but I figured a lot of PHP people have run their own forums or at one point been moderators.

In terms of preventing spam how much better is one or the other? I’m really only interested in spam at this point, but functionality comments are welcome as well. I have to get an unbiased answer because I have to convince someone that one is better than the other.

A follow-up question is, if you left a VBulletin and a PHppb unmoderated which one would get hit harder with spam (bots included), and how much worse would it be hit?

With both it would depend completely on how you configured it and what security add-ons you were using.

It’s also a fairly easy thing to fix (as far as how much you’d have to modify the software), so I wouldn’t decide which forum software to use based off of this – there are far more interesting comparisons to be made.

Either way, between vB and phpBB, vB has a lot more features, so you could say that by default, it wins. However, there isn’t any forum software out there doesn’t have some major problem, you end up picking and choosing forum software based on your needs, so usually just standing beside one as a winner isn’t a great idea.

vB is also a lot more resource intensive and so cannot be run on a lot of shared hosting because it will exceed the resources too quickly while phpBB can run on that shared hosting at least until it starts to become very popular.

Simply not true. I’ve ran vbulletin on boards from a few dozen up to in excess of 50,000 users.

vBulletin has a lot of toys available that can drive it’s usage to outrageous levels, and there are some bad setting configurations that can likewise cause it to become very piggish on resources, but given its flexibility that’s to be expected. It’s usage in default configuration is roughly equal to phpbb’s in default configuration.

Caveat - I retired from the forum admin business with before vb 4 came out and haven’t seen it in action.