Vbulletin As Infusionsoft-type Autoresponder

Has anyone ever tried using vBulletin as an autoresponder?

Problem: Aweber is the Model T of newsletter services. I can’t send info to specific users. If a person buys my products I can’t be sending them “half price on the product you just bought” emails. That is a big problem. For users who need 12 emails before they buy, I can’t be sending people who’ve already bought my product these 12 emails. If a person buys after email #2, they should be removed from that particular list. This allows me to get aggressive with those who need it without annoying my customers.

Infusionsoft has gotten this right, but charging $300 per month seems a bit steep for something as simple as sending out emails based on a few variables. All of this stuff is super simple in regular ol’ vBulletin land. If (usergroup==$x) {do whatever}. Done.

The deliverabilty aspsects of Aweber are generally good. Probably better than what I’d get from my stock server, but the ability to target…and/or just use a PM seems like it would be 10,000% better even if half my emails are getting blocked. (I still have to research what’s possible via the Aweber API…I’m not expecting much.)

I wrote a VERY crude method for this back in the day. It simply used a cron to calculate who was due for an email, tossed them into a queue, and every 10 minutes or so it sent out the emails. That site died before it really got started, but I remember it being quite effective.