Vbulletin 4.0

Has anyone tried Vbulletin 4.0? Is it worth all the trouble? I bought the VB 4.0 suite when it was on pre-sale, but still very hesitant to take a risk of moving to 4.0.

If you were very hesitant then why did you bought it in the first place. What forum software are you using now?

Well, it was on sale and I liked the blogs module and SEO optimized urls. I use Vbulletin 3.8.4. I havent seen any major forums switched to VB4. It’s lot of work for me in terms of changing the theme. I didnt realize the amount of work involved until I started testing the theme change with test forum.

If you’ve only got a few hundred members and can afford some downtime I’d probably just go for it and get it running the way you want on a development box, then quickly get it working on your live site.