Varying Content per Breakpoint?

Is it acceptable to vary the content you display based on a breakpoint?

For example, on my home page I am highlighting 5 services that I offer.

On the desktop, I will have 5 square boxes lined up horizontally with each containing the service name and a brief description.

For mobile, I will have the service name with a description as well.

Ironically, I have more real estate for the service description on mobile than the desktop.

So can I somehow have a shorter description to fit into the boxes on the desktop, but a slightly longer description for mobile, or is that a bad idea?

Hope that makes sense.

You can show and hide content via @media rules, but I would avoid it if I were you. You can end up with a lot of bloat. Preferably, optimize your content to be suitable for any environment.

Sounds like a questionable design to me. Content first, design after.

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