/var/spool/cron Is more than one user allowed?

Hello All,
On my VPS using Webmin the folder /var/spool/cron uses the file named " root " for cron jobs; This works out nicely since I can run commands which require the user to be ‘root’.

  • On my VPS using Direct Admin the same folder uses a file named " admin ", and some commands will not work…

(FYI: /etc/cron.hourly is not what I want to use right now either)

Can more than one user have a file in /var/spool/cron ?
I tried simply adding a file for ‘root’ (w/ the same permissions = 600), and it’s not working.
Any tips? Thank you.

Every user can have their own cron jobs. You should use the crontab command to manage your crons, it produces those files, you shouldn’t mess with them yourself. Whatever user runs crontab will be the one that owns the jobs.

That’s the issue then (manually creating the file)
OK thanks Dan.