Valueclick Support Bad/Slow?

I’ve sent alot of tickets to Valueclick Support but still haven’t gotten any reply yet & have tried calling them, their customer service was really awfully bad.

Do I normally need to wait for a week or so for a simple response from Valueclick Support?

usually they respond to me within 24 hours. it’s a great company

That’s weird, I haven’t gotten any response yet

maybe we can help you with any problem you might have.
are you new to valueclickmedia?

i’m a existing pub of valueclickmedia, i have tried emailing them regarding adding my additional sites to vcm network. still haven’t gotten reply from them…

I recently submitted a site (two weeks ago) to VC and it took just under a week to be evaluated (last week). I recall using them in the past as well and from what I can remember they’ve always been slow