ValueClick Media tanking!?

I say this because out of the blue my site was banned - or, in the words, disabled - for a “content” violation.

I’ve been serving ads through ValueClick Media since the summer of 2007. My site only garnered, on average, 1.5 million hits a month and, from ValueClick Media alone, accrued $500 on average also. The ad placement and content of the site hasn’t changed at all since it was first established years ago. My site is an online PC gaming community and always has been since it was first accepted into VC’s program.

As I said before, I awoke one day to a rather unpleasant email telling me that my site was disabled. No warning email and no attempt on VC’s end to help me fix the violation. Just an abrupt stop to the flow of ads. Now, it seems to me that they’re just getting desperate over something and need to get rid of a few publishers for whatever reason so they’re kicking out the little guys (anyone else here get kicked out recently, or know of anyone that was?).

Here’s the email that I first received…


The site, XXX, has been removed from the ValueClick Media network
due to content in violation of our publisher agreement. No further paid ads will
be displayed.

Web site specifications:

Publisher Agreement:

Unpaid revenue earned to date will be paid during the next payment cycle.

Quality Control
Publisher Services
ValueClick Media Display Advertising

I promptly emailed back asking what exactly did I violate and emphasized that I’ve been with them for 3 years. All I got was this bland response…

Dear Kris,

Thank you for your interest in our business but the decision has already made. No
more ads will be served.

Thank you,

Publisher Services
ValueClick Media - Display Advertising

This is coming from an ad network that used to care; an ad network that would normally send out a warning email and try to work with publishers to continue a working relationship.

There’s only been one bump along the road in the past 3 years with them, and that was about 6 months ago. I added a new block to the side of my site and it pushed my skyscraper ad section down a few pixels. Little did I know it wasn’t within VC’s “500px & above the fold” rule. They quickly caught it and sent me a warning email and gave me a week to fix it. I did and that was the end of that story and I continued serving ads. Again, no warning email was shot towards me before I got disabled, which is a clear sign that VC is cutting publishers for pretty ******** reasons.

I guess this is just a public heads up to anyone out there that things over at VC are shifting in a way unfavorable to them so they’re going to take it out on their publishers. I also did notice a slight drop in monthly revenue so maybe they’re also cutting down their rates/fill - or maybe it’s the economy.

Anyhow, I used to be with TribalFusion before VC, but got removed from them because they tightened up their requirements. My site’s traffic has been increasing lately so I’m just going to keep doing my best to meet TF’s new requirements (500,000 uniques a month, as compared to the 2,000 it was a few years ago). For now I’m using Technorati Media as my main ad provider.

Update! Thanks to Matt Sherman’s caring nature and generosity we’ve managed to work together and find out what the violation was, a network site of mine was the culprit, and disabled that site instead of my main site. It’s always great to see the upper management of a company doing good on their part. Sorry for any defamation this may have caused in VC’s name.

Hi Kris,

When possible we work with publishers to correct content and/or ad placement that is in violation of our publisher agreement. However there are times when immediate action must be taken. I sent you a PM with further details and to open a conversation.

Matt Sherman
Sr. Director, Media Development
ValueClick Media

excellent response from VC. I have been with them for about 3 years, no issues and they have the best admin control panel hands down :smiley:

As always, hat tip to Valueclick for taking the time to understand the real culprit - we all appreciate it :slight_smile:

I wonder how this would have turned out if kriss had not made this a public issue? I’m glad VC did the right thing but, normal channels didn’t seem to be working…thats sad.

I dumped valueclick only after having them for a month. Their interface is junk because it reselects whatever ads that they want your site to have. BIG NO NO in my book!

VCM, on the whole, is the best network for publishers out there. While my client’s sites make per month via AdSense, VC has exhibited good support over time and as evidenced here, corrected what seemed to mistake on their end. You cannot say that for AdSense (which has no support) or the fly-by-nights that are about as trustworthy as an Obama COLB.

If your site has good traffic and you keep the site from serving the really low paying ads (CPM under 10 cents), you can make some decent to very good money with it. Frankly, they are the only network service I can recommend.

Spartinman does have a point on the global filtering not working properly and that is the one black mark I give VCM. It does get annoying having to manually filter some advertisers every few weeks to keep the ad rates optimal.

The same thing that happened to the original poster happened to me. I’ve been with Valueclick probably 5-6 years I would guess. It’s been great revenue for both of us.

I got a “content violation” email. It was a fluke issue. I responded immediately and removed the page. The next day though I noticed my revenue had dropped by about 98% or so :(. I emailed and would get nothing. I would call and they would be very helpful, telling me I’d get a response within 24 hours. Nothing.

A week later, I got a reply saying my site isn’t “brand safe” and to check back within a month. So truly bizarre. I would have thought they would want to fix this. I’m suspecting that something else is going on.

Same thing just happened to me today for “adult” content.

We regret to inform you that your website xxxxx has been shut off due to adult content. We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

I emailed them asking where it was, but i doubt I will get a response. The email was so bland! I have been running the website for almost 9 years… No adult content at all. Not even remotely close. Everything is PG-13. No warnings at all. Just BAM out of nowhere. I had been with VC for many years now all the way back to fastclick with no problems at all.

Something is not right with Valueclick. I’m so disappointed with them right now. Any other ad network I should consider trying besides Google, tribal fusion, and burst?

Have you tried casalemedia?

Wow what a great thing for VC to come out here and make things right!

Yeah i did. and i forgot adbrite too.

Still no reply from VC. I also PMed the VC rep that posted here… no reply from him either :frowning:

I’ve been having issues with Valueclick recently, also. No replies from support emails and apparently nobody at the other end of admin functions that require human intervention. I’ve been with them for many years and never had a problem before.

Madcool, you have been sent a PM.

sommers - please send me a PM with your concern and username.

Matt Sherman
ValueClick, Inc.

Great to see such a speedy resolution from the guys at ValueClick, good work. :slight_smile:

“speedy resolution”? There was a reply from Matt 5 weeks after my post. Still no resolution. I didn’t even get addressed.

I’m not saying you haven’t but being proactive goes a long way.

Great service by VCM, thats the type of service all programs should have if they wish to do well in this business.