Value of date from input type date

<input type="date" class="pate" data-date-inline-picker="true" />

I was trying to pick the selected date of the above date picker, but I could retrieve that.


This renders this in the browser:

I also tried this:
But the above gives NAN

it has a value property, that is an empty string until someone correctly enters a date in there.

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Thanks for replying, sir. But what should I do to get the value once the date is selected?
Any suggested reading or solution to this?

Once the date is selected and is valid (can troubleshoot using validity object property), you can use value, or valueAsDate, or valueAsNumber to get what you need from it.

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I find that MDN is a reliable source. The following about dates should be worth investigating:


Here’s a date picker example that helps to show and expose different parts of the system.

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