Validator a bit puzzling

run my page trough validator this is what i got:

  1. The character encoding was not declared. Proceeding using windows-1252.

2.Line 103, Column 75: The element button must not appear as a descendant of the a element.
…<a href=“#slide01” data-toggle=“modal”><button class=“btn primary”>Read More…

tried this w/the <a href> insided the button tags and wrapping the button tags either way a get an error.

3.Line 298, Column 62: Stray start tag div.
<div id=“slide01” class=“modal hide fade” tabindex=“-1”>

don’t understand this as it works. and it has a closing div…???

If anyone here is more familiar with this could you please tell me what they mean?

Make sure to declare a character encoding on your page. E.g.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
<meta [COLOR="#FF0000"]charset="utf-8"[/COLOR]>
The element button must not appear as a descendant of the a element.

Use either a <button> element or an <a>, not both.

Stray start tag div.

It means that the validator is not expecting a start div tag there. This might be because there’s something out of place earlier in the code.

Thank you Ralph,will go fix them!
ps…just read the bog thing.
you don’t like bootstrap?


How on earth did you get that impression? :shifty: [/ot]

seriously. would appreciate your opinion on bootstrap & why you might not might not like it.
I just recently started working w/it.Over all so far not so bad.
I just want to use it for it’s responsive props so far.
have an awesome week

I think frameworks just introduce more problems than they solve. Layouts with CSS are pretty easy—even responsive ones—and it’s much nicer to start from a clean slate then to have to modify a tangle of code that contains a ton of stuff you don’t need.

can see that point after I spent a nice chunck of last night looking for code so I could change it…
Still so far it seems to have lots of other nice features.
Can you recommend a good book/video tutorials for responsive sites. the one I got off (we mentioned it before) I did not care for very much (although they have other good ones)

There are lots around these days. SitePoint has one, A Book Apart has one (both shortish) but you can find a ton of others on Amazon I’m sure. I’ve only read the A Book Apart one so far, by the guy who make the “responsive design” concept popular.