Validation check problem

include file, correct… its just a responsive slider plugin with no more updates

Well can’t you just move that to the file that’s CALLING all these include files? That would be the best option. You might need to move these to all the pages that call this include file though since if you take it out, all the pages calling that include file will no longer have it.

I am going to set up my server to parse PHP in CSS files instead, would you mind giving a helping hand on that?

This wouldn’t solve the v alidation issue though. It’s just INVALID to have <style> where it is. But no I can’t help with that. I do not know enough to help. Head on over to the PHP or Server section of the forum for help.

Tricky busineess but if you save a backup copy just in case you can try adding the file extension to your httpd.conf file

AddType application/x-httpd-php .php .phar

so if you wanted to parse PHP code in .html files and .css files it would look like

AddType application/x-httpd-php .php .phar .html .css

but be wary, this wil put more load on your PHP parser.

I assume that this is a script you’ve taken from someone else, maybe a website or came with a template. If it is a template that you bought, most of them come with instructions. For what I see, the script creates the divs that will be used in the banner but add the style and script programming that should go in the header seaction after (at least, the style should) after defining the divs.

And that’s where your problem lies.

Without seeing the whole thing, I can’t do much more, except that if you do not have instructions but you’ve bought the template, most of these companies provide support

It would be helpful to know what environment you are working in. Is this a WordPress plug-in maybe? The code is really ancient.

AFAIK all browsers can deal with CSS in the body of the page, even though it will not validate. If it were me, I’d either get a more modern image slider, or just let it be. :slight_smile: