Valid alternative to scrolling marquee? (xhtml)

I’m wondering if there is an alternative to using a scrolling marquee to have text scroll in a looped fashion from right to left? I’m working on a project that requires this feature, however, also requires that the (xhtml) pages validate through the w3c validator

I was curious if there is a way to set an x-y axis and pull a <p> tag from y to x and loop it using CSS?

Marquees should be created using JavaScript - that’s the only way to get them to work in all browsers anyway.

See for an unobtrusive JavaScript marquee that just needs a class added to any element in the page in order to make it a marquee.

The marquee is well supported by browsers but should be avoided if you want your website to pass W3C validation, since this element is non-standard.

As described by felgall, JavaScript is the adequate technique for moving text or any on screen.