Vagrant and Pupphet - What should be in git?

So I’ve decided to play with pupphet (puppet) and vagrant and so I downloaded the pupphet zip file and extracted it into my project, but I’m torn on if anything in there should not be stored within git (in a public GitHub repo).

There will never be anything sensitive in this git repo, even the database usernames and passwords will be pointless and only usable on the Vagrant instance. The actual virtual machine is not stored within the project – obviously, so that wouldn’t get into the git repo. Is there anything I should exclude? Should I exclude the whole thing?

I’ve only just recently been able to begin steering other team members towards using puphpet and vagrant. My team lead and I decided to store the entire puphpet directory in a separate repository isolated from the project source itself. Though if your repository root isn’t public than you could just store it in a subdirectory under puphpet/vagrant/etc. I would be wary of making anything public in there unless you’re *absolutely certain nothing needs to be protected and team members have an understanding as well. I also run multiple projects on a single box so I typically separate the box source and puphpet profile(s).


host machine:
~/Workspace/vm/profile/foobar (this is the puphpet directory)
~/Workspace/vm/box/foobar (this is the shared content between the host and quest)

but that is purely by preference. For my purposes like I said typical scenario is the box is tied to multiple projects not a single one.

btw you need to exclude the ssh keys generated by vagrant upon first running up.

I think that is in the .vagrant folder right? If so, I’ve excluded that entire folder (as it would just get regenerated if I needed to pull this down on another machine).

Right now the only thing I have included is puphpet directory, the .gitattributes file and the Vagrantfile. The project I have this attached to is very limited. It contains quick demos/playgrounds to toy with. All database/login/whatever will be completely falsified and no business data will be stored (I may move it to BitBucket so I can have it as a private repo at no cost… still contemplating that)

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