UX flow for iphone app search function


I was wondering if the community could offer me any pearls of wisdom with this.

I have project managed my own iphone app but am not happy with the UX, especially the search / add function. It is a review/recommendations app for hotels etc that uses Google Places api.

At the moment when users want to search an area for reviews they need to do this:

  • type in the suburb and wait for Google to provide a full name/postcode/city/country description from a drop down list. (many users type fast and tap enter before Google has provided the info, creating confusion)

  • after selecting a suburb, users must tap and hold a spot on a map for 5 seconds until a pin drops, establishing an area (again, confusing and time consuming)

I would like users to be able to just type a location ie Los Angeles and have the app bring up all relevent reviews (there are also categories preselected)…

Is this possible???.. or do I need to change api to 4sq or Yelp???