Utilizing Member Emails

I have a user-base of roughly 5000 members. I have never contacted my users before but now I’d like to inform them that my site has been upgraded. The email itself doesn’t need to be very flashy, just a simple message informing the users of the upgrade and asking them to visit.

What would be the best way to do this? I have a feeling that copying 5000 users into the BCC: line of my email client will likely cause it to fail. At the same time, I don’t want to pay for a flashy Email Newsletter service since that’s really not what I’m looking for.

Outside of developing a custom solution, what options are out there?

MailBoy is a cheap desktop email software you could try.

I have used it in the past. Although it doesn’t have tracking, it works fine otherwise.

I’ve never heard of mailboy myself, but considering the circumstances, that looks like a decent option.

I’d normally suggest using a service provider like mailchimp, icontact or campaign monitor, but most (not sure if all) aren’t crazy about companies importing huge lists for a one time mailing because it looks, well you know, spammy.

I’m just guessing here, but odds are using a desktop program to all of a sudden send 5k emails from your computer might raise some red flags at your ISP - so you might want to check with them first to be on the safe side.


Most likely, your ISP would block you from sending mail, and other mail servers would blacklist your IP address for sending out spam. It’s better to go with a mailer service with all the proper whitelistings and domain flags in place.