Using Zend Library's

The last couple of days I’ve been trying to read as much as I could about the Zend Framework. I’m still pretty well totally lost. The reason I even want to learn is that I have a need to use the Google API for a Calendar feature on a website i’m developing. However, it is just a small portion of the website. My understanding is that Zend Framework really is only ideal for large applications.

Is it really necessary to install all of zend framework on my little cpanel web hosting account in order to use the Google Calendar API library? Isn’t the library just a series of functions? Would it be possible to just include() the file in order to use them or is Zend Framework absolutely necessary?

Thanks for any direction you can provide including any resources for absolute beginners!

Might be better off posting this on the Zend forum but the Zend google api’s are pretty much stand alone. They do use a few of the core classes but you certainly don’t need to use their application stuff.

But I would suggest you install the complete Zend framework. It’s just files and disk space is usually cheap. You will only end up using a few classes but it’s easier to maintain and upgrade if you just bring the whole thing down.