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Hello guys, I wanted to know about the importance of visual media in the promotion of a new business. We are thinking of approaching a television commercial production service for creating a video for but before that we need to know the scope of the video. How can we effectively use to increase our traffic and leads. What are the different social medias that can be used to promote them and how can they be effectively used. I would love to hear from those with the experience.

Hi Martha,

Before you start Television Commercial , Please use Video site like You tube and others. You can Promote your video over social media and YouTube.If your video is good enough and unique definitely you will receive traffic.Even You tube also promote your video .


You can use almost any social media to promote a business using video. Host the video on YouTube or Vimeo, and link to and embed it on your web pages, your Facebook, Twitter, and any other social channels you’re on. If you do not have a following already on those social media channels though, you will not create a following overnight by posting a video - the simple fact is that next to no one will see it. You’ll need to work on building those channels up, and if the video is going to be professionally made and be your single most expensive (or one of them) tools of marketing, you might wait to use it until you’ve got people to show it to. Depends on your situation.

Hi Martha!

Here’s a gem from a contributor at socialmediaweek:

Next, it’s time to do a little investigating. Remember: thousands of videos are uploaded everyday – and that’s only on Youtube. You want to stand out above the noise. So the first thing you need is to LISTEN. What videos are your followers interested in? What have they watched recently? What are your competitors making? Spend a bit of time to get inspiration from what’s already famous.

During this process, you and your team may already have formed a concept. Play around ideas. Get a pen and paper to quickly jot down important notes.[/quote]

Here’s the source: How to Make the Best Videos for the Top Social Media Platforms

Anyway, I’d like to add that each video and social media platform is different, and each vid should be crafted to fit the demands of their users. Also, it seems that today’s trends focus on short videos, so it’s best to keep it under five to six minutes :slight_smile:

This is Hugs N Tugs, There are many option to promote online but the online promotion through video clip is better idea. Because we can easily show all about the business, products and services to the targeted customers. You can share video clips through channel on youtube.

Would those replying please remember that @HMartha is asking specific questions:

Please ensure your reply addresses at least one of those points. Thank you.

I agree with Jeffreylees Adding video to your website allows you to communicate your key messages and attracts more traffic from your key target market in an engaging way. Today people are hungry for information, but want that fast, so mostly people also remember information which is conveyed in an audio/visual format better than information they read.

submit your video to top video search engines and share it on social media,but upload only the highlights to left tease for the audience,if you get better response the launch it as commercial

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