Using the same Osclass database and same images for multiple websites

I want to load ads and ad images from my old Osclass website to my new Osclass website. Ads can be displayed by editing the config.php database information (sharing the same database). But I don’t know how to load ad images from the old website. Can anybody please explain which page of the new site and how I should edit to load the images from the old site.

Out of curiousity, what did they say when you asked this question on their support forums?

I found a similar question but the answer is not helpful.


isnt helpful?

Yes, I know the location of the images but don’t know how to point my new site to it. I don’t want to replicate the images folder.

Well, i’m not going to be able to answer this unfortunately. I’m not aware of how that piece of software creates/stores paths to files. I would suggest you create this question on their forum, where their support staff can tell you precisely what you want to know.