Using the Excel logo

Does anyone know the process if I want to use the Excel logo on my site?

You should check out Microsoft Trademark Guidelines.

Thanks for your reply, yes Microsoft Excel logo is what I’m after, I check their site and I couldn’t seem to find anything, I’ll have another look

Presumably you mean Microsoft Excel and not one of the many companies around the world called “Excel”?

I suggest searching the Microsoft site for their rules on use of their logos etc. They may even have logo images for you to download and use.

Generally, Microsoft don’t tend to mind if you use their icon’s (if that’s what you mean) as long as they are used within certain guidelines (see the office license).

However it may be worth sending Microsoft a quick email to ask them (who knows, they might feel charitable and let you use them for your project). :slight_smile:

PS: You might have some prevision under fair use, depending on the purpose you want them for.