Using Rewriter software is illegal or legal stuffs

i want to know, most of my friends are using content rewriter software and ranking high at google.

will this google know.


I suppose it depends on the country but to the best of my knowledge, rewriting content is not against the law.

If you infringe on someone’s copyright, they can sue you for doing that if that is what you are referring to. Keep in mind that going after someone for copyright infringement can be incredibly expensive to do and if you are rewriting some random article you found on the web that isn’t famous, chances are no one will care or want to pursue a copyright infringement lawsuit.

As for your question about if Google will know, it depends. Mainly it depends on what the finished content looks like. Google can easily tell if something has been spun by software and left that way because most of the time it is poorly written, full of errors and of low quality.

To make spun content unrecognizable by a search engine these days, you have to spend just about as much time perfecting the finished product as you would if you had re-written yourself.

Spun content makes this writer’s list of reasons you will get penalized along with some others related to content,

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But why do you need to use a special content rewriting software? Maybe it will be better to rewrite an article with your own words? I think in that case Google will not penalize this article.

We should avoid to use re-writer software, with the help of this software you cannot create a quality content and it will not helpful to rank high. I have also used this software, but I have analysis that the sentences created by this software is not appropriate and also have been seen grammatically errors.

If your friends are using this software and they get success, then it may be possible that they used to modify the content after content created by re-writer software.

Yes google rank that site because it is not duplicate… Google thinks that the site’s contents is unique that is why google rank their site. I actually experience using autoblog and I was suprised before that google ranks the site. For me it is good to rewrite article as long as it is readable and my visitors will love the content and they will visit again my blog.

I think it should not be against law, because now one will know from where you have taken the idea.
But the rewriting softwares are not that much efficient as human, so I think we would not be able to do much better using softwares.

Hi every one! Yes Google will catch them according to algorithm updates “panda” no copy paste material are allowed its should written out by writers personal thought and mush be fresh content

I agree. Generating garbage text (which is all that any rewriter software ever produces) should not be illegal any more than any other stupid thing that people do should be illegal.

If you want quality content and do not actually know enough to write it entirely from scratch then researching three or more entirely different sources should give you enough to write about without having to infringe on anyone’s copyright. With enough separate sources being used together as the source of what you write about it will count as research rather than copying.

If you can’t write well enough to come up with a unique article by that means then paying someone to write it for you is the most effective alternative remaining in order to get something that people will want to read.

i think it can be used just make sure that the content is unique and what you want to say is clear, i would not recommend using any rewritting tools as they do more harm than good. mostly the message is lost in translation.

Politely drop those friends who use software to do the job of a brain. It doesn’t matter if Google knows or not. Standards of personal professionalism do.

It’s just like contradicting the rules of thumb. Having known how much does the use of software bring in a strike, it’s always better to stay away from such things.

If you’re capable enough to draw a better picture of words, you can go ahead with it, else be sure not to move with any such software’s for writing. Instead, hire a person for the composition or pay for the writers via any e-lancing. They make it better the way you want :slight_smile: