Using <pre> A few Questions

I have built a site for a poet using WP. The poet submits poems that are pictures made from the words. You can see examples and get exactly what I mean here:

If you are kind enough to check out a poem you may see an adult content warning but don’t be put off, they are NOT pornographic at all.

I get around the placing of the individual characters by getting her to type in the poem using “preformatted” but actually style the <pre> element back to a relative font in the CSS. The poet doesn’t like any monospaced fonts and who can blame her?

The first part of my question is what happens if I use a relative font on the <pre> tag. Is that going to bite me?

The next part is a bit more convoluted. The poet likes to type the poems in Notepad and then cut and paste. If she does this, the post gets absolutely full of


or <p> tags or <br /> tags which can really bloat the code. I don’t like that at all so here’s my second question: does that matter?

Thanks for looking


The problem with using a font that isn’t mono spaced is that the variance you get will change the shape of the poem depending on the browser/computer. There are some alternative mono-spaced fonts.
For example this stack: Consolas, Monaco, Lucida Console, Andale Mono , Lucida Sans Typewriter

You don’t need to necessarily use <pre>. You could just use the standard editor and style the paragraphs to have the desired height,margins, and font. Just make sure the editor and the site have the same styles.