Using PHP to unzip folder on a remote web server

I’m having a massive problem getting a Joomla site to work at root level on a site I’m working on. It works in the subfolder but I’m getting a zilliion errors when I try to move it to root level. The latest is “Fatal error: Class ‘JException’ not found”

So, what I’m trying to do is upload a zipped backup of the site to the root level and unzip it there because I think the problem is being caused by FTP file corruptions, but I can’t find any options to do that in my CP (I’m with and the scripts I’ve found that do it are a little cofusing for someone not versed in PHP like me.

Can someone recommend an easy to follow technique for unzipping on remote servers?

Thanks, Rich

PHP has zip functions which are easy to use. Have a look at the documentation - there you will find examples of unzipping archives to a given folder.