Using PHP to post to facebook

How can i take a blog or news article which I am adding to my own CMS website and post it to my own facebook page?
Is there a simple api code or something which i can just add into the post page of my website

Good luck, facebook changes their crap every month, and their documentation is often out of date. For the most part - Google is your best friend - but a lot of the info out there are, again, outdated.

Once you get the hang of it though, it’s not too difficult.

And yes I hate developing on FB.

Sorry for bumping this thread but i’m also looking for something similar, or maybe even the same…
i want that stuff that i upload on my website via PHP will get posted on my facebook page, thats what Cyanide_Pierce requested right?
If yes is there any oraginzed guide on how to do that…?

hey guys,
i have followed a guide to do this on google and i’ve succesfully made it to post on fb via my site
the problem is that it posts using my profile, i want to make posts with my fb page on my page wall… what part of the guide did i do wrong…?
I dont mind also posting from my profile to my page, but what chagnes do i have to do to apply this…

thanks for the help…

Hey guys after some time of using fb graph API i noticed that a share button doesn’t appear on my automated posts, any ideas why and if i can do anything to add it?