Using Photoshop on a desktop or a laptop?

My question is not related to any specific version of photoshop or whether your particular computer handles the running of photoshop well enough but more to do with screen size and your own personal comforts when working with photoshop.

Do you prefer to work with photoshop on a desktop or a laptop?

If you mostly use a laptop for photoshop, do you have any frustrations to do with screen size?

If you are mostly on a desktop, what monitor size do you use/prefer to use?

Desktop all the way. The only thing I’d do with my Macbook would be coding. But only if I must, and I don’t, so I use my Mac Pro desktop and large monitors for my design/code work. Most importantly though, I use tons of RAM.

I was thinking that, the preference of a larger display, thanks for your input BPartch

Handy that you have the luxury of the dual-monitor setup at work, sounds like yourself and many others will get by on whatever you’re working with but obviously prefer something more comfortable where possible, thanks for replying Sperlock

A good point, as long as it doesn’t interfere that way, thanks for your reply sarahdaniels

I like to work with Photoshop on a large display, regardless of the style (desktop/laptop) of computer hooked to it. Though yes when I use my laptops screen I find it cumbersome to work with.

I use Photoshop on a desktop at work and a laptop at home. The desktop is on a dual-monitor situation, both 19" monitors. While one monitor at 19" would be fine for me for Photoshop, dual-monitors makes me more productive. My laptop is a 15" model. I used Photoshop on an older 15" model and got along fine. I am looking at getting an IPS monitor (as opposed to a TN) to work with photos and the extra screen space will be nice to work with.

I wouldn’t even contemplate using Photoshop on my 10-inch Netbook. Even though I always use a wireless mouse as my pointer - it would be pretty crazy to say the least. I’d have to be in an extremely dire situation to ever do something like that.

I am okay to use whichever just as long as the screen won’t make my design distorted/stretched.

I mainly use photoshop on my (mega old) pc. My laptop will not run the photoshop very well so if you were thinking of buying a laptop make sure it has the requirements to run photoshop.

Screen size does help all lot, I have a 19" flat wide screen monitor, it handles PS very well.

How much RAM do you use kohoutek?