Using PDW File Browser with CKeditor, uploads not working

Hoping someone can shed some light on this. I’ve installed the PDW file browser for use with CKeditor. Everything seems to be working EXCEPT the file upload feature. The upload directory permissions are properly set. But when I try to upload a file, all that happens is I get the “browse” view where I can select from existing images on the server. There’s no error message, and there’s no new file in the directory where it should be.

Thanks in advance for any help.

I don’t know about that specific file browser but when I set one up years ago I had to find a config file and set the path where files were uploaded to. Maybe you have a similar situation. Anyway this was the path to that file.


Thanks for the reply. The upload path is properly set, and the directory permissions are good. I created a “hack” that forces the issue with the upload, but it’s clumsy because it still loads the Browse view after upload, and even though I can now see the newly uploaded file, when I select the file and click the “Insert” button, it says “Insert cancelled because there is no target to insert to!”

Then I click on the “Image Info” tab, click on “Browse Server”, select the file and click “OK”, and it works. So it takes a few more clicks than it should. I could live with it myself, but other users won’t like it…

Hmm, I only used it when editing content on a page, so I would have my cursor where I wanted the image, then went through the process of uploading so when I clicked “Insert” the image was loaded into the text editor window. Are you using it as a stand alone or as I described, editing content with the editor? Not sure I can help, but wanted to point out what I remember.

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