Using pager-taglib with Spring MVC

I have a problem with keeping the resultset displayed with pager-taglib on the same page. It’s fine if the controller only generates a single page of queried resultset. But when the resultset requires more than a single page if the user clicks on any of the page links the jsp form page will get initialized in a fresh view and consequently all the data pages are gone and the search criteria have to be re-entered. In the form controller I only have showform() (for initial view) and onSubmit() (for search command) methods. My question is how should I cache or keep the resultset when the servlet returns control to the page so that the same data model is still there to be paginated. I thought since I enabled the form page caching by setCacheSeconds(1) the model should have been cached since the browser back button does work to redisplay the generated resultset. What more should I do to make the page links work in my case? Can anyone familiar with pager-taglib give me some pointers as to how to get it done?